Sunday, June 9, 2019

North America DNS IPFS Land Partnership Board

DNS LAND DIVISION   Partners Digital Assets and Monetized Name Brands For Tract Land Exchange | by 'Blockname Trades' 

A day soon comes Bitcoin must be the type standard reserve digital currency for other crypto coins such where competing will traders and investors maintain agreed, anyway their consensus, for reaching price level targets and expected price points. And reason or rationale initially being purposed of cross border exchange trading. Hence the new generation of fractional reserve  storing,  leveraging and hedging if we just don't call it "banking," And besides for the foreseeable future there must be a standard what no longer in digital information systems and virtual monies do fiat currencies exist at all or at least even be 'set out' everywhere competitively. Now we see there never will longer be any over valuing of a stable digital coin though we could see or get to the point of consumable maladjustment or retail saturation for just which there would likely devalue or depreciate some of, but which for exchange (trades) purposes co-opting the important reasons for digital currency in the first place everyone can either with store, pay with or market trade and do so far more efficiently. My idea is beside that money should not be paired to go up and down in value. In simple terms "choose your currency one or another," fiat or digital. For preference I choose the latter.

Visit us in July and join in discussion on equity markets that are become government operated utilities. And a crossfire talk on the plumb protection team of the government. Blockname Crypto

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Friday, January 11, 2019

blogspot google copies 2 - my702 /

Although Google has a long history of killing its products, the current statement shows that the tech giant will continue the Blogger site.


Friday, June 22, 2018

My 702 July DNS Land Nevada Titleship 2018 Update

                 GAME OVER
Picking up where California upend in bias and idle in turmoil yet open of doors to venture now it's Utah, so we look, at leveragability again what with for many U.S. states in retrospective digital / physical paradigm shift en mass rush into the Intellectual Properties market front known, beside assets, labeled and digitized currency as coins of all manner or smart contract to online forming and merging governance and "monetized Domain Names, Patents and Trademarks" even already digitized, basically speaking. Sure there is back history for each individual property at Trademark, Registrar (ICANN) or Copyright government Offices but though here from today's global monetary structures apparent is economic collapse of  world banking and its fiat monetary policies nevertheless, "the most part" of insured banking is "new-school abomination" becoming discussed conclusively our digital desolation and is story seems that most are talking about. Moody Blues? Well as, but more for such desolation simply what just on a digital ledger the memoed Understanding Agreements.

                          ROME REMAINS
The Remains of Rome though are there to be had and oh yes LMAO, ha ha money is still good money just a little funny.
But let's first talk about this trend phasing assets onto decentralized financial ecosystems backed, secured and authenticated in front of the (digital) intellectual property curve and not even in money - your digital currency or mine - for the love of Pete's valuation. LOL a real manna mania huh even so we peel one eye onto that inflation economy going on over there in fiat simultaneous.
Oh Nevada always her usual question of just lady luck but not always necessarily of good or the bad, but - how "hot - out" or (the cards) is cold?

Unwavering real IPV. Seriously monetized Domain Names Patents and Trademarks, up next.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

My 702 March DNS California Titleship 2018 Update

Memo to READER Contrarians. Blog doesn't have like a pending trademark here. Someone keystroke some comment for us on the widening discussion of Cloudcoin's integer vision. And use as you so wish any part or all of this blog titling you see here like an honest libertarian you believe you are. 
                       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
 My 702 DNS Land Titleship focus partnerships and news at landing website where Covenant Conference updates and announcements as well are DNS Knowledge-base Learn Center, agency converged for client brandholders and insiders sharing, extending,  monetizing, partnering and exchanging contracts, cooperatives and properties and propel the global physical-digital upgrade with prosperity unlike at any time the technological world has seen. 
 So consistent this time with blog topical theme of new "World (or say California) DNS Land partnerships, consortiums or guilds" overall we know Cloudcoin and cloud currency is nothing actually any like the phenomenon of crypto-currencies in most ways or should say that crypto's not like cloud currency. And is where you break this down where the Cloudcoin's RAIDA that disambiguate real cryptos rollercoaster further to this (future)  digital-money environment and that crypto coins and their hardware /software public ledgers out there what make everyone so question monetary information systems and data curiously. Sure I'm looking seriously at real time balances with all of the digital money and exactly if that they or which of the coins have worthiness. 
               POWN  Password  O W N
But also I consider Cloudcoin a uniquely improved  second mover upward trending in valuations differently as being as it is overbearing wider pressures of global inflation scaling that set up for CloudCoin a range of metrics the cryptos and blockchain don't at all move or even have their numbers in. Wherever you may live still 95% of governments find their currency and national monetary policies and systems defect, devalued or devaluing and Cloudcoin with upticks because of this. It's the nature of one fault tolerant currency reacting face to face (or like when the tough get going - wink) to the other in decline, contraction, systems breakdown and immobility from logjam and stood up to test of investor or the consumer community vote scrutiny at large that of confidence, and bequeath the space and virtual environment to the better developed and scientifically proven information system of the two. And that's just two currencies squaring off and not more than the cloudcoin as cloud currency but thousands of cryptocoin brands just of cryptocurrency. Two currency models. One unsafe crypto and the other be safe cloud method but here everything over in the digital paradigm shift from old physical paradigm of greenbacks or pennies, nickles and dimes. Cloudcoin Lead Scientist constantly remind researchers that his system Cloudcoin and its counterfeit detection authentication software RAIDA is a second MOVER technology now in the space beside the LED first mover Bitcoin and build up better but corrected from their (bitcoin's) errors and mistakes. Digital cloud currency is money because it is digited representing in integers or some might only call it digit currency. Cloudcoin is as much or is more a perfected technology as than is a currency in some traditional sense and it comes in (second mover) after the first mover but hence the first mover the second strongest and second  best. It all gets confusing to follow these (digits) points. But as now we're all looking at money as a science thank goodness we don't have to represent cents as say, points if, that cloudcoin begins to speak of the one dollar coin or one equivalent dollar as one digit. It's perfect also in that it's not bound to inflation measured factors everything currency backed (Including the crypto's) eventually is held to but propelled by it. Is better described as appreciation valuing. He Sean has said over and over that the Cloudcoin notes will double (split) as many as eight times and the splits will likely come at times fiat woes are at their present worst and national economies in downswing. When you look at true balances in fractional reserve, fiat banking they are not even a group total figured any higher or better than the estimated worth of the improved to nearly perfect Cloudcoin digital monetary information system. To be candid proudly. I advise to take a deep breath while gasping when you see what's up next with currency and crypto backed capital systems. But to each his pown.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Titleship of Each of the United States

"Not Your Girlfriends Stand Skeleton" by My702 COMM Partnership 

Regions of DNS / IPFS commercial land platform partnerships are here.
For perpetuating intellectual property values ever and forever appreciating in particulars brand and monetized domain names and one last hurdle, if that does, America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Israel and as well China have things only in the digital space what come on to scale but which  may really not pay on our 2020 national debts, but rather promptly would begin responsible and capable value-for-value digitalization / tokenization economy for reset or rescale these underlying national and merging economies and labor industry while currencies anyway under revaluation for tally and total counts selling off investments and assets to the digital on ramps and all under exciting technology and knowledge-base interest. And as so, now then the e-commerce driver what shore up or bridge up the earthover with "suite flagships" and society but done at home first. Welcome to ground zero. Whatever the benefit by appreciating values eg. monetizations by brand names and other IP that could economically (and I am this moment staring at ten trillion dollars of unregistered domain names within one expanded, superposed online brand) singlehandedly well alone back for collateral our entire global virtual economy, at least interim while we keep actual valuations on course unfettered with such market swings their own. As things are and notwithstanding of balance surplus' on fundamental work sheet analysis all along of simple old school human registrations to take the difficulty away. Either common local registrants or tenacious corporation boards holding the actuals. Does it really matter? If the untold wealth of equities or line balances, and unlike as with requiring of detailed illusory money  analysis incalculating   actual estimated worth item by item better then with scrutiny than notation many other countries normalize in turn their commercial trades, programs and entitlements and second movers go ahead of all and whatever have we everyone from there at gregarious time learn as new norm. Norm? 
  I haven't had a ton of signatures for our suggesting to call the internet now within unbiased oversight of the UN and fortunately no longer under watch in the 702 surveillance ridden USA, The California DNS Consortium. 
 So rush in your vote or support for the record or for referendum vote  and thank you ladies and gintlemen. Elvis! 
 Comment or visit back as often as preferred! Watch for locations and a channel in a state near you. Hey Roseanne. 


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Friday, September 16, 2016

DNS California Titleship Consortium By My702 Commercial Utopia Startup

Well I suppose next make my consultations available for 12 months and while we prepare for our future so I'm ecstatic that real potentials for a California domain name system, call it World ICANN DNS A Utopia, if so we have to but anyway, that in 11 more days the Judgement day could begin beside that in 14 we might loose our 'name only identity' on September the 30th. Who gets first to the (dot) . ICANN we'd suppose owns the Internet if because TLD or SDN, the DNS (domain name system) defines the web in this way. LYAO. LMAO? 
  Bad thing though, as my sons-in-law always say "the bad thing" is, that 'that' day could come any day starting with the 26th or 27th of September or on after throughout month of October but my hunch here is there will be several bad days and not necessarily in a row or not only one really bad day. Like, four bad Wall Street days then a Trump resignation a day later on for the mention enclosed. Then another big bank filing insolvency in courts that so proceeding those of us in only gold or bitcoin "for private investments" pivoting over to next years digital bank tiering, instead of cash money slung but decidedly only in point-notes /memos and forward-contract dba's in a blink. As usual. 

  Rather March, I say but maybe yet into end of November.

  Oh and, as I well commented a wish for the "best of everything" with Jonathan Cahn audience on a video reigning at YouTube, about the 9 27 Shemitah Judgement rolling in on us  - signing off now another Not Your Girlfriends monthly post up.
 He did though, (JC) tell it like it's Not; "not thine will be done but mine," he prayed. I commented on his YouTube below, "Hey Rabbi, it's not 'mine, but thine will be done." Anyhow we'll pick up pace and roll into October next time with a better "epochal history" report.  I'll be 63 on the 15th, for tonight Happy Sukkot!
BTW I have revised that "According to Prophetc Writings" 

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

California Domain Name Consortium - By My702 Commercial Startup

 Artificial intelligence is like AI Science for it's own purposes anymore and not AGI artificial general intelligence at body testing (like Cointelpro eg) on every human for behavior or for tendency gathered but taken from the satellites, drones and ground cameras or re-configuring grouping screen monitors. A I Scientific pioneering off itself into then what it (IT) can as one autonomous computing entity in its own rite, do for it and humanity be it hardware,  a robot or software. If progressively the human aspect is as I understand that, it tracking Me unless humans (they're nearby,  almost always) are monitored disgustingly sure for criminal's activities as because WHO'S YOUR DADDY and of course the Surveillance is following that the rest of us are or should be just tracked by the 'A I computer database' beside for shopper tendencies and socializing or security and safety anomalies and we distinguish this - and for odd such behaviors group or individual - THAT MATRIX phenomenon right, I leave up to you.  Your flavor of this new technology society or mine. So be it.  But,  all that aside the business and finance side of this all-pervading or the converged enablement service technology honing electronically in on commerce transitioning online and in app rapidly advancing also with an emerged (any day,  soon) Individual as near well a whole industry to catalyze and operate such shift if need be secured and evaluated tokenization (tokenizing) and digitization reality of our exact finances into (digit) digital personal and company use in place of the dirty (costly) currency aka money and including for everybody Capital consideration to this unusual but historic upgrade be inclusively ALL OUR LAND if you can imagine that.  I'd rather that some Local Cat (or a national 'corporate consortium' or favorite' tycoon) we all know and love or hate purchase my state of Wisconsin or, say California than the Russians or Arabs or the global fanatics known to run around decapitating their captors come in and leverage in my home state for their titleship aspirations but may be you might be blogger back what though I might do with NEVADA suppose 'a power that be' assign even me for my intellect property portfolio a state or four worth for my  patent,  trademarks and or a seriously monetized brand domain  of course worth more than money or than money any amount and price can pay to buy; with all those Casinos that ebb and flow in cash and loving the games, gambler that I am. Anyway post up or tune in next month for update and you'll get the latest low down good or bad.
Am still, 

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