Saturday, August 13, 2016

California Domain Name Consortium - By My702 Commercial Startup

 Artificial intelligence is like AI Science for it's own purposes anymore and not AGI artificial general intelligence at body testing (like Cointelpro eg) on every human for behavior or for tendency gathered but taken from the satellites, drones and ground cameras or re-configuring grouping screen monitors. A I Scientific pioneering off itself into then what it (IT) can as one autonomous computing entity in its own rite, do for it and humanity be it hardware,  a robot or software. If progressively the human aspect is as I understand that, it tracking Me unless humans (they're nearby,  almost always) are monitored disgustingly sure for criminal's activities as because WHO'S YOUR DADDY and of course the Surveillance is following that the rest of us are or should be just tracked by the 'A I computer database' beside for shopper tendencies and socializing or security and safety anomalies and we distinguish this - and for odd such behaviors group or individual - THAT MATRIX phenomenon right, I leave up to you.  Your flavor of this new technology society or mine. So be it.  But,  all that aside the business and finance side of this all-pervading or the converged enablement service technology honing electronically in on commerce transitioning online and in app rapidly advancing also with an emerged (any day,  soon) Individual as near well a whole industry to catalyze and operate such shift if need be secured and evaluated tokenization (tokenizing) and digitization reality of our exact finances into (digit) digital personal and company use in place of the dirty (costly) currency aka money and including for everybody Capital consideration to this unusual but historic upgrade be inclusively ALL OUR LAND if you can imagine that.  I'd rather that some Local Cat (or a national 'corporate consortium' or favorite' tycoon) we all know and love or hate purchase my state of Wisconsin or, say California than the Russians or Arabs or the global fanatics known to run around decapitating their captors come in and leverage in my home state for their titleship aspirations but may be you might be blogger back what though I might do with NEVADA suppose 'a power that be' assign even me for my intellect property portfolio a state or four worth for my  patent,  trademarks and or a seriously monetized brand domain  of course worth more than money or than money any amount and price can pay to buy; with all those Casinos that ebb and flow in cash and loving the games, gambler that I am. Anyway post up or tune in next month for update and you'll get the latest low down good or bad.
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