Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Titleship of Each of the United States

"Not Your Girlfriends Stand Skeleton" by My702 COMM Partnership 

Regions of DNS / IPFS commercial land platform partnerships are here.
For perpetuating intellectual property values ever and forever appreciating in particulars brand and monetized domain names and one last hurdle, if that does, America, Canada, Europe, Asia, Israel and as well China have things only in the digital space what come on to scale but which  may really not pay on our 2020 national debts, but rather promptly would begin responsible and capable value-for-value digitalization / tokenization economy for reset or rescale these underlying national and merging economies and labor industry while currencies anyway under revaluation for tally and total counts selling off investments and assets to the digital on ramps and all under exciting technology and knowledge-base interest. And as so, now then the e-commerce driver what shore up or bridge up the earthover with "suite flagships" and society but done at home first. Welcome to ground zero. Whatever the benefit by appreciating values eg. monetizations by brand names and other IP that could economically (and I am this moment staring at ten trillion dollars of unregistered domain names within one expanded, superposed online brand) singlehandedly well alone back for collateral our entire global virtual economy, at least interim while we keep actual valuations on course unfettered with such market swings their own. As things are and notwithstanding of balance surplus' on fundamental work sheet analysis all along of simple old school human registrations to take the difficulty away. Either common local registrants or tenacious corporation boards holding the actuals. Does it really matter? If the untold wealth of equities or line balances, and unlike as with requiring of detailed illusory money  analysis incalculating   actual estimated worth item by item better then with scrutiny than notation many other countries normalize in turn their commercial trades, programs and entitlements and second movers go ahead of all and whatever have we everyone from there at gregarious time learn as new norm. Norm? 
  I haven't had a ton of signatures for our suggesting to call the internet now within unbiased oversight of the UN and fortunately no longer under watch in the 702 surveillance ridden USA, The California DNS Consortium. 
 So rush in your vote or support for the record or for referendum vote  and thank you ladies and gintlemen. Elvis! 
 Comment or visit back as often as preferred! Watch for locations and a channel in a state near you. Hey Roseanne. 


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