Friday, September 16, 2016

DNS California Titleship Consortium By My702 Commercial Utopia Startup

Well I suppose next make my consultations available for 12 months and while we prepare for our future so I'm ecstatic that real potentials for a California domain name system, call it World ICANN DNS A Utopia, if so we have to but anyway, that in 11 more days the Judgement day could begin beside that in 14 we might loose our 'name only identity' on September the 30th. Who gets first to the (dot) . ICANN we'd suppose owns the Internet if because TLD or SDN, the DNS (domain name system) defines the web in this way. LYAO. LMAO? 
  Bad thing though, as my sons-in-law always say "the bad thing" is, that 'that' day could come any day starting with the 26th or 27th of September or on after throughout month of October but my hunch here is there will be several bad days and not necessarily in a row or not only one really bad day. Like, four bad Wall Street days then a Trump resignation a day later on for the mention enclosed. Then another big bank filing insolvency in courts that so proceeding those of us in only gold or bitcoin "for private investments" pivoting over to next years digital bank tiering, instead of cash money slung but decidedly only in point-notes /memos and forward-contract dba's in a blink. As usual. 

  Rather March, I say but maybe yet into end of November.

  Oh and, as I well commented a wish for the "best of everything" with Jonathan Cahn audience on a video reigning at YouTube, about the 9 27 Shemitah Judgement rolling in on us  - signing off now another Not Your Girlfriends monthly post up.
 He did though, (JC) tell it like it's Not; "not thine will be done but mine," he prayed. I commented on his YouTube below, "Hey Rabbi, it's not 'mine, but thine will be done." Anyhow we'll pick up pace and roll into October next time with a better "epochal history" report.  I'll be 63 on the 15th, for tonight Happy Sukkot!
BTW I have revised that "According to Prophetc Writings" 

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