Sunday, June 9, 2019

North America DNS IPFS Land Partnership Board

DNS LAND DIVISION   Partners Digital Assets and Monetized Name Brands For Tract Land Exchange | by 'Blockname Trades' 

A day soon comes Bitcoin must be the type standard reserve digital currency for other crypto coins such where competing will traders and investors maintain agreed, anyway their consensus, for reaching price level targets and expected price points. And reason or rationale initially being purposed of cross border exchange trading. Hence the new generation of fractional reserve  storing,  leveraging and hedging if we just don't call it "banking," And besides for the foreseeable future there must be a standard what no longer in digital information systems and virtual monies do fiat currencies exist at all or at least even be 'set out' everywhere competitively. Now we see there never will longer be any over valuing of a stable digital coin though we could see or get to the point of consumable maladjustment or retail saturation for just which there would likely devalue or depreciate some of, but which for exchange (trades) purposes co-opting the important reasons for digital currency in the first place everyone can either with store, pay with or market trade and do so far more efficiently. My idea is beside that money should not be paired to go up and down in value. In simple terms "choose your currency one or another," fiat or digital. For preference I choose the latter.

Visit us in July and join in discussion on equity markets that are become government operated utilities. And a crossfire talk on the plumb protection team of the government. Blockname Crypto

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