Friday, June 22, 2018

My 702 July DNS Land Nevada Titleship 2018 Update

                 GAME OVER
Picking up where California upend in bias and idle in turmoil yet open of doors to venture now it's Utah, so we look, at leveragability again what with for many U.S. states in retrospective digital / physical paradigm shift en mass rush into the Intellectual Properties market front known, beside assets, labeled and digitized currency as coins of all manner or smart contract to online forming and merging governance and "monetized Domain Names, Patents and Trademarks" even already digitized, basically speaking. Sure there is back history for each individual property at Trademark, Registrar (ICANN) or Copyright government Offices but though here from today's global monetary structures apparent is economic collapse of  world banking and its fiat monetary policies nevertheless, "the most part" of insured banking is "new-school abomination" becoming discussed conclusively our digital desolation and is story seems that most are talking about. Moody Blues? Well as, but more for such desolation simply what just on a digital ledger the memoed Understanding Agreements.

                          ROME REMAINS
The Remains of Rome though are there to be had and oh yes LMAO, ha ha money is still good money just a little funny.
But let's first talk about this trend phasing assets onto decentralized financial ecosystems backed, secured and authenticated in front of the (digital) intellectual property curve and not even in money - your digital currency or mine - for the love of Pete's valuation. LOL a real manna mania huh even so we peel one eye onto that inflation economy going on over there in fiat simultaneous.
Oh Nevada always her usual question of just lady luck but not always necessarily of good or the bad, but - how "hot - out" or (the cards) is cold?

Unwavering real IPV. Seriously monetized Domain Names Patents and Trademarks, up next.

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